Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New version: Final Fantasy 7 - Crisis Core

Final Fantasy 7 - Crisis Core screenshot All our efforts are spent to build this patchator. The last published version include only a small set of features, and now this version is probably the final cut savegame editor for Crisis Core. You'll find every thing about the game and you can trick them in a really simple way.

Patchator Final Fantasy - Crisis Core
Patchator for:
Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core
Tricks available (for now):
Full Trainer (modify HP,MP,Atk...)
SP cheat
Gil cheat
Full item customizer
Full Materia customizer & builder

Ok, now you can modify all data in the save game.
You can edit Zack's parameters, set custom SP point value and trick the gil.
Also you'll be able to customize items, change quantity, unlock rare items and so on...
And the last powerfull features: the Materia builder. Make or modify your own materia by set custom effect!

Remind that you need an active internet connection while you use it.

Read new patch and savegame editor use and informations for help and further informations about this patch and its use.

You can use this savegame editor at your own risks.
We do not cover any problems caused by it. So make first a backup of your save data(useful in case of bad patch process!)
Game code: ULUS-10336 / ULES-01045(-01047) / ULJM-05275(-05254) ...
Orginal savegame path (gamecode and data"0" are variable):
/psp/savedata/ ULUS10336DATA0 / ccff7dat.bin
Don't load this file, but the one created by savegame deemer!

Deemer savegame path:
/psp/saveplain/ ULUS10336 / sddata.bin
Cheat this one from playstation and overwrite it! After all, remind to rename the folder and turn off deemer, for more about this issue: Savegame deemer troubleshooting specially the "Problem 2".
This is the most important thing!

Please rate this patch and send us your feedback.
In this way we'll understand your needs, requests, whether or not it works, and therefore we can improve this service. We can go on much better if we know what we have to do!!!

It's simply and useful: feedback (and rate) more and even more.
If you don't have a psp with custom firmare, you can't use this release.
More info about: Introduction to the art of trick saves

But, you can use our savegames created specially for you!
Our savegames work on every psp, because they are in a standard form.

At the moment there aren't original savegames available for this game, very soon we'll publish a couple of saves.
A patchator is an usual application.
Read the requirements: general patchator requirements

Again, report us anything, especially if it works well or not!

Download the Final Fantasy - Crisis Core savegame editor

Enjoy our best work and we wish you best tricking moments.


  1. I have this error: "Sorry, Server Error! Contact us!", why?

  2. Just try again. Maybe server is overloaded. If the error will occur again, read this post to report us a log report.

  3. hi... i'm just wonderin' how can i get to use the edited savegame in crisis core? 'coz evrytime i reload the file, it's still the same savegame, nothing has changed though i've used the editor to change the values like gil amount and level. thanks!

  4. @the duke
    Check savegame deemer troubleshooting

  5. gee, thanks! i'll do it... :)

  6. How do u use this thing

  7. can you post other links cause i cant use rapidshare..,

  8. Would it be possible to make this edit the mail you receive? I've missed one of the fanclubs and I want to be part of it.

  9. sometimes i can't create materia

  10. Nothing happened after i hack it and i load it but i'm sure i patch it

  11. hi.. when i start the game.. sgdeemer does not seems to create the saveplain folder.. any1 able to help?? my psp firmware ver is 3.71 M33-4

  12. hi.. when i open the conf.bin the file is empty.. is it suppose to be empty???

  13. When I downloaded FF-VII crisis core editor, first it gives a warning that the publisher cannot be found. But when I run it, it says "The application failed to initialize(0xC0000135)....". My computer OS is Windows XP SP2. I downloaded it 10 times yet it gives same error message.

  14. hey whare the editor? can i DL?

  15. for the (0xc000135)problem you need the latest NEt. software i think 3 or above.

  16. i cant find this SDDATA.bin

  17. i needn help here,cant launch this thing,already got .net 3.5,got any idea?

  18. it keep saying wrong save file what do i do

  19. Wow, it works perfect, thanks.

  20. cant read the CCFF7DAT.BIN why?

  21. cant download it, it says i have to buy prenium and i dont have a credit card

  22. i followed through every step and don't get what i'm supposed to do with the new modified sddata.bin because when i put it in my savedata folder (with the other bin files/without the other bin files/with the other bin files with the name changed to CCFF7DAT.bin/without the other bin files with the name changed to CCFF7DAT.bin) it doesn't work.

  23. the patch works great to me, but a wanna ask something.

    can i convert the cheated save data in to a regular save data? so i can play and load it without the plugin?

  24. guys,i created the saveplain folder and edited the files and saved and then i changed the folder name for Crisis Core to the one in SAVEGAME then when i loaded the savegame in the game it was still the same,any idea what i did wrong? thx :D

  25. Its work great on TN-B Hen, thanks a lot!!!!!! Im Ezequiel from argentina

  26. May I please request for a saved game here?
    1.) The save game will be at the first save point in the briefing room.
    2.) level of Zack is the default for new game (i think this is level 5)
    3.) There is a genji helmet in the equipment inventory
    4.) There is a Octaslash materia (not the support materia but the spell materia which allows you to execute a level 5 Octaslash with no costs) in the equipment inventory
    5.) There is a Rush Assault materia (not the support materia but the spell materia which allows you to execute a level 5 Rush Assault with no costs) in the equipment inventory

  27. hi,

    anyone knows where i can download a level 80 character without any cheat on it? all i can find is the super powered/cheated zack with the dmw all green. you can summon them anytime you want. tnx.