Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to install the plugin SaveGame deemer

Download the Savegame deemer plugin. When the download ends, you will have an archive. Estract the content of the archive to a position of your pc. You will find the following things:
  1. Seplugin (folder);
  2. Readme (text file that says the same things I will, but in a little bit incomprehensible form ; )
Maybe you will find another text file that explains differences between the versions of the plugin.

First path:
For those who have already installed other plugins in their own PlayStation Portable.
If you don't know, follow these steps to check.
  1. Connect the psp to the computer;
  2. Go to My Computer;
  3. Go to psp's memory card;
If you see a folder called "seplugin", open it. (If not, you MUST follow the Second path!!)
If there is a text file called "game(.txt)", it means that you have already some installed plugins, so...

Go back to the extracted files from the archive and open the seplugin folder, you will find:
  • Deemer.prx
  • A text file named "game" like the one into the memory card
  1. Copy ONLY deemer.prx into seplugin folder of your psp memory card;
  2. Open game(.txt), the extracted one, copy the inside line and paste it into game (.txt), the one that is in the memory card.
Jump to the Last path to activate the save game deemer plugin.

Second path:
For those who have no installed plugin in their psp.
  1. Connect the psp;
  2. Copy the extracted seplugin folder into the memory card;
  3. Rename "" to "game.txt";
Last path:
How to enable the plugin.
  1. Disconnect the psp;
  2. Start your psp in recovery mode (often by hold [R] during the start up);
  3. Press [X] on plugin;
  4. Press [X] on deemer that will become enabled.
Finally you can use our patches to add some trick and cheat to the save file.
In the next post we show you how the deemer plugin works. So follow us!!


  1. does this work for the psp 3000

  2. Yes! But first you need a psp 3000 with a custom firmware. If you your psp is already modded, simply follow previous instructions to install deemer!

  3. i followed the instruction and copied the seplugins folder to the root dir of my psp, started recovery, but when looking at plugins, i dont see any plugins inside, is there a special folder for CFW 4.01?

  4. ok got it now, it seems doesnt work, i just renamed it to game.txt, maybe i have plugins installed?

  5. Yes, you have the deemer installed. The file means that if you already have the file game.txt, you should copy the new content in the old one.
    Instead, if you haven't the file into psp, just rename the in game.txt, and it works well.

  6. hi how can i enable the plugin?? i copied the deemer.prx in my seplugins folder but when i go to recovery mode and press x to plugins theres nothing. its empty?? can you help me plss or can you make a step by step video?? tnx

  7. You have to write in the file.txt the path of the file.prx.
    If you skip this step your psp will not see the plugin!
    Read carefully this post..

  8. is this working in 4.01 m33-2?? my psp is not slim

  9. This is complicated can you make a video hi how can i enable the plugin?? i copied the deemer.prx in my seplugins folder but when i go to recovery mode and press x to plugins theres nothing. its empty?? can you help me plss or can you make a step by step video?? tnx

  10. @Anonymous (last one)
    Yes, the savegame deemer works well on that firmware (not matter which psp)

    After you copied the deemer.px in you seplugin, have you write (or create) the file "game.txt"?
    If you haven't, first create it on the seplugin and write into "ms0:/seplugins/deemerh.prx".
    Try and tell us if you success.

  11. hey does it work on 5.00 m33

  12. with this, on 5.00 m33, it loads and saves slow for the old type of saves

  13. Will this work on the game Dissidia: Final Fantasy? I'm planning to convert the Japanese data to the English version once it comes out.

  14. i looked but it's empty...

  15. I can't seem to get the plugin working at all. I install it. it shows up in the recovery console and is active but it refuses to save any game data into the saveplain folder.

    I have a psp 1000 5.0 M33-6

    I'm trying to run FF7 (purchased from the PSN store) but it dosent want to do anything. I've tried it with both UMD games and backups. nothing...

    can someone help?

  16. Hi, ummmm....
    I have installed the plugin 'deemerh.prx' and added the game file i have the fat psp with custom firmware, 5.0 M33-6!
    There is no saveplain folder, but I have activated the plugin!
    Please explain why!
    thankyou in advance!!

  17. Where is the plugins when we disconnect the PSP?

  18. I enabled it, but after that the game doesn´t start

  19. recovery mode doesnt even work for me

  20. Yha, I'm running a 5.03 gen-a on a psp 3000, and I can't seem to get the plugin to show up in recovery mode. I put the game.txt there and everything just the way the readme said. Is there something else I can do? I really need to change the region on this save data.

  21. same problem with 5.03 gen-a

  22. i dont think this works with any cfw 5.xx and above. I have the plugin enabled in recovery mode, and saved and quit a new game and there is no saveplain folder.

  23. tested on psp go, works

  24. i did everything but i dont see any saveplain on SAVEGAME.and i already copy paste the seplugin and i restarted my PSP..but the problem is i dont have the recovery menu..i got psp 3000 anyway and 3.6CFW and i started the game but i dont see saveplain...cant even find it...coz tutorial is not for psp 3000 either..which doesnt recovery menu and you canot enable the deemer..pls let me know

  25. anyway my system version is 5.03MHU. and 3.60 CFW enabler..and i dont see any saveplain folder which the patch need it to load the savedata...if anyone knows how to do it..pls post a tutorial...thanks..

  26. i think i did the right procedure..coz first you have to copy the seplugins if you dont have the plugins then change the -game.txt to able to create a saveplain..but nothing happen on 5.03MHU/3.60 CFW enabler..make tutorial for diff.version.

  27. It works for me, 5.50 gen d. U have to go back to save the game in-game for the saveplain folder to pop up in ur psp folder.

  28. Does this work on psp 2006 6.20 TN-B HEN?