Saturday, January 9, 2010

Patch release: Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days

A psp release that will leave you speechlees!

Patch Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
Patchator for:
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
Tricks available (for now):
charachters trainer
You have only to...
»

You have only to try this powerfull savegame editor for your psp!

Remind that you need an active internet connection while you use it.

Read new patch and savegame editor use and informations for help and further informations about this patch and its use.

You can use this savegame editor at your own risks.
We do not cover any problems caused by it. So make first a backup of your save data(useful in case of bad patch process!)
Game code: ULUS10461
Orginal savegame path:
/psp/savedata/ ULUS10461DISGAEA001 / DATA
Don't load this file, but the one created by savegame deemer!

Deemer savegame path:
/psp/saveplain/ ULUS10461DISGAEA001 / sddata.bin
Cheat this one from playstation and overwrite it!
This is the most important thing!

Please rate this patch and send us your feedback.
In this way we'll understand your needs, requests, whether or not it works, and therefore we can improve this service. We can go on much better if we know what we have to do!!!

It's simply and useful: feedback (and rate) more and even more.
If you don't have a psp with custom firmare, you can't use this release.
More info about: Introduction to the art of trick saves

But, you can use our savegames created specially for you!
Our savegames work on every psp, because they are in a standard form.

At the moment there aren't original savegames available for this game, very soon we'll publish a couple of saves.
A patchator is an usual application.
Read the requirements: general patchator requirements

Again, report us anything, especially if it works well or not!

Download the Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days savegame editor

Another creation for you portable playstation.


  1. Is not a editor, is only a savegame!!!!!

  2. request: can you put it in mediafire form? It won't work in Rapidshare in our country...
    thx in advance.

  3. uhm, can you make it mediafire form? it doesn't work in rapidshare in our country.

  4. I don't understand. I downloaded the package multiple times, but all I got was a folder with 3 files in it


    Can somebody clarify this for me? Where's the application?
    Also, does this editor work with the european version?